3 Ways To Help Keep The Little Things From Ruining Your Day

All the guys had been called. Everything had been planned down to the smallest detail. Grab your skateboard and meet at the school at 9 a.m. for a killer day of shredding every sidewalk, curb, stair and jump we could find. It was going to be an epic time with plenty of maneuvers, laughs and, most of all, memories.

I couldn’t wait! I remember grabbing my board and shooting down the driveway as fast as my clay wheels would take me. I carved a nice turn around the street corner, gave it two hard pushes on the straight-away of the sidewalk and then, Wham! – one of my front wheels caught a small pebble which stopped my skateboard instantly – but not me. Instead, I was launched forward in the air. “Ten feet easy,” I would share later. Like a flaming boulder fired from a catapult! I don’t remember if it was knee-elbow-head, elbow-knee-head or head-elbow…It didn’t matter. The damage had been done and my epic day, along with plenty of skin, was gone.

“How could something so small ruin my entire day!”

Ever asked yourself that? We all have. We’ve all had those days where everything that needed to be accomplished came crashing down by the smallest little thing (pebble). The school just called and your youngest one is sick. The car won’t start. Or, how about a flat tire. Those are always fun, aren’t they? No! Little pebbles! Little pebbles that can ruin an entire day. Why? Because little pebbles are BIG when you aren’t ready for them. They come out of nowhere and can stop you in your tracks. So be ready.

Here are 3 ways (nuggets) I’ve found to help keep the little things (pebbles) from ruining my day.

Know where the pebbles might be. I’m not a doom and gloom type person, but predicting the worst-case scenarios in your day will better help you plan for them. Children get sick. Cars do breakdown and tires do go flat. The washing machine, refrigerator, electricity all have pebbles lurking. Knowing what could go wrong might not stop it from happening, but it will give you a better mindset if something does-and you might kick the tires on the car on the way out, just in case. Predicting should lead to better preparation.

Now that you have your list, be “pebble-prepared.” Do you have roadside service for your car? Do you have the number to call them on speed-dial? Do you have a kit in the car for little ones who decide that’s where they’re going to get sick today? Can you change a tire? Do you know someone who does and might come running? Are the candles, flashlights, first-aid kits, phone numbers, barf bags all in place? Try a “what if” scenario and see if you’re prepared and ready to push a pebble aside and keep your day going. Make a list and check pebbles off, and, if you can’t remove a pebble yourself, ask for help.

Having people in place can be the key to getting past the pebbles and keeping your day moving. What friend or family member do you have in place to pick up your sick one at school if you can’t? Is their name registered in the office? Do you have an electrician friend? An auto mechanic you trust? A handyman who works for baked goods? Having the right people in place, knowing their schedules and how to reach them might just be the key to salvaging even the rockiest (pebbliest) of days! If you commit to someone’s list chances are they will commit to yours. It’s worth asking. These are pebbles we’re talking about!

Yes, they are out there. Moving into position to try and trip you up. Some are avoidable, some aren’t. Some so small there’s no way you can see them ahead. So, PREDICT, PREPARE and have PEOPLE in place to keep them that way. Now go out and shred the day!