Keith writes and produces Children’s Books, Cartoon Books and creates a variety of products all meant to benefit families, educate kids, provide adventure for all, or just give you a reason to laugh! Check out his Children’s Book Series, “The Adventures of Johnny Lazarus.” Each of the 4 faith-based books is packed full of adventure, humor and Bible truth – all for the middle grade reader (1st-6th Grades) who won’t want to put them down. These books also make great bedtime stories for parents and kids to share. Join Johnny and his hilarious friends, Henry, Richie and Summer as they tackle life, tickle your funny bone and even teach you something if you’re not careful! Yes, even boys dig these stories!

So many great items to choose from, all from the mind of Keith Poletiek, and the list keeps on growing. Watch for new titles and products every week. Click here to see what is available now and what is just around the corner. Dad, check out Keith’s cartoon book, “DUDE! Fish Tacos and Far Out Friends!” the first compilation of Keith’s syndicated comic strip, DUDE AND DUDE, a family-friendly cartoon seen weekly online at You’ll laugh and relate to these two twenty something dudes as they try to figure out life and their place in it. The only word to describe these two is, of course, Dude! Join the Dude community! Pick up a book, T-shirt, sweatshirt – maybe order a print and Dudeify your Dude Cave! Dude! Click here to see all the Books & Stuff and order today!


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