Johnny Lazarus In Mountain Miracle – Book 4 in the Series


Autographed Copy
Mountain Miracle!
is the latest in the Johnny Lazarus series


The Adventures of Johnny Lazarus – Book 4 (Autographed Copy)

Johnny Lazarus in Mountain Miracle is a wild, backpacking adventure that takes Johnny, his brother, his dad and YOU high into the mountains where the air, and Johnny’s patience, is mighty thin.

Johnny’s first real experience with “God’s Country” or “The Great Outdoors” isn’t all that “Great” to him – and doesn’t leave him longing for more. In fact, he wants to be out of these mountains and away from the heat, the climbing, sleeping on hard ground with a rock for a pillow and totally nasty tasting backpacking food as fast as possible.

But, Johnny soon finds there is no easy way out of this backpacking nightmare and must learn to trust God, his dad and himself more than ever before. If he ever wants to see his mom, Henry, Richie, Summer and city life again it will take a MOUNTAIN MIRACLE!

Signed by Keith!


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